Nokking is the sustainable way of trying a product before buying it.

We use bike-couriers to deliver and pick up products within 2 hours. Our #tryfromhome concept works without having to pay a deposit. After you’ve tried out the product for three days, we pick it up again. It’s that simple!

We are an experiential marketing company that‘s developed a sustainable supply chain to get products into customers’ hands. We are approached by brands to generate “tryouts”, which result in organic word-of-mouth, brilliant data and individual customer feedback.


Since trying something out is the best way to evaluate, people have turned towards return policies in order to buy products, try them out at home, and return if not satisfied. This behavioral change has resulted in a staggering 30% online return rate. The consequences are over-production, unnecessary waste and hassle for the consumer.

Our goal has always been to solve this problem by developing a service and supply chain that keeps products within cities, allowing for eco-friendly distribution.


Nok was founded in Berlin. We now have offices in Berlin, New York City, and Los Angeles. We are proud to be composed of amazing people from across the globe.


We are only as strong as our community!

To help us grow, we ask you to please handle the products with care.

We’ve created a new way for customers to experience products at an extremely low cost and in a sustainable fashion. We greatly appreciate it if you return the product and packaging in the same condition as it was delivered to you. Obviously wear and tear mistakes happen, and we are very lenient with customers who contact us upfront and tell us about any issues.

Thank you for being part of this adventure!