Account / Login
How do I change my password?

Click on My account in the right upper corner to access your account’s overview. Choose Account details from the left sidebar to change your username, email address or password. Please remember to click  ‘Save’ when you’re done.

What do I do if I forgot which email is linked to my account?

Please contact Customer Service for assistance.

Is it possible to change the email linked to my account?

Yes. Click on My account in the right upper corner to access the account overview. Choose Account details in the sidebar on the left side to change your username, email address or password. Click Save when you’re done.

Why do I need to provide my phone number?

We use your phone number to enhance the trial experience, by providing notifications of your delivery and pickup status, important reminders, as well as secondary authentication of your account. If you wish to opt out, please unsubscribe through the procedures we provide, or contact Customer Service for assistance.

Why do I need to provide a payment method when the trial is free?

The trial is completely free, but we will need the payment method in order to validate your account. No charges to your card will be placed unless you:

1. Choose to purchase an item through nok
2. Fail to return your trial product after the trial period ends
2. Send back a product that has missing parts or obvious, negligent damage

How do I return a product at the end of a trial?

We will come pick up the item from you at the end of your trial, at no additional charge. To schedule a return pickup, sign into your account and click the Orders tab. Next to the product image you’ll find the Schedule button which will lead you to the pickup scheduling screen.

What condition are the trial products in?

All of our products are in either new or refurbished condition. Each product is professionally cleaned and maintained by our trained staff before getting delivered to you.

I accidentally damaged the product. Will I be charged?

Regular wear and tear or minor and accidental damage are all completely covered by us. However, destruction, loss, or theft are not covered under our policy. Please inform us immediately of any damage incurred during a trial. For damages caused by obvious negligence, we reserve the right to charge you up to the product’s full retail value.

If you are experiencing any technical or other related issues with your product, please contact Customer Service for troubleshooting.

What if I forget to return a trial product?

Please make sure to return the product in the same condition and packaging you received it in. For certain trial products, you will find simple reboxing instructions inside the product packaging.

Delivery, Purchase & Warranty
When will you deliver the product to me?

You can choose the date and the time slot that best accommodates your schedule. Deliveries will take place between 7AM to 10PM on weekdays.

Can I use a different address for delivery vs. pickup?

Yes, please navigate to Orders, select Schedule Pickup, and submit the desired alternative address. If the address is outside of our delivery service zone, please contact Customer Service for additional support.

Can I purchase or keep the trial product?

All of our trial products are generally not available for direct purchase. You may choose to purchase a brand new version of the trial product instead. Upon purchase of a new product, we will swap this item out for your trial version of the product, upon final delivery.

To purchase a product, log in to your account and click on Orders. There you’ll find the Buy Now button.

Are there any shipping costs involved?

All orders will be delivered and picked up, completely free of charge.

I purchased a brand new version of my trial product but am not satisfied. Is it possible to return?

Any new product we deliver upon final purchase of a product is subject to the return and exchange policy set forth by the brand. Please handle any returns or exchanges directly with them.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Acceptable payment forms include VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. We do not accept gift cards or prepaid debit cards. Payment will only be required if you decide to purchase a product. For free trials, we only use your payment information to verify your account.

Why was my order rejected?

Orders may be rejected because of the following reasons:

    – Information submitted was inaccurate / incomplete
    – The payment credentials entered were for a prepaid debit card
    – The address submitted was out of our service zone
    – Information submitted was flagged by our system as a fraud risk

Please contact Customer Service if you face any issues with placing an order, and we’ll be happy to assist.

Partnerships & PR
I want to work with you! How do I get started?

Awesome! We’re always open to listing great new products or hearing about your partnership ideas. Please email us at

PR requests?

Interested in featuring nok in your next story? We’d love to talk!

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