Is this actually free? There must be a catch…

nok tryouts really are 100% free. We hope that you end up loving your tryout product enough to purchase it but nok was built to give users a fair, genuine experience with a product before they make that purchase decision. As long as you send the product back at the end of your tryout period, you won’t spend a dime. Oh and every package comes with a pre-paid return label!

If the tryout is free, why do I need to provide a payment method?

We know – nobody likes entering their card info. But the payment method allows us to verify your identity and insure that the tryout product ends up with you, safe and sound.

What happens if I damage the tryout product? How about if it’s lost or stolen?

We get it, shit happens. We cover wear and tear as well as minor accidental damage. We only charge you if the product sees heavy damage or is lost entirely. (Come on, fair’s fair.)

Can I keep the product I am trying?

Our tryout products are available for purchase, and you even get a discount if the unit you’ve been test driving isn’t brand new. Want a fresh unit instead? No problem, we’ll let you keep your tryout unit until your new model arrives.

I work with a brand and we want customers to try our product! How do we get started?

Awesome! We’re always happy to welcome a new brand to the platform and we’re ready to talk shop. Shoot us a note at

I have a PR request

Looking to feature nok in your next story? We love talking about ourselves. Send us a note at